From the recruiting process to training and onboarding, hiring new staff is a significant commitment on your behalf. Have you ever wished for an easy and seamless approach to employ and work from home? By linking employers with competent individuals, Sky Bizz Limited has rendered the traditional office paradigm obsolete. With full-time, virtual/remote-based staff, we deliver end-to-end solutions. Any of your needs will be met by our software developers, web & app developers, website designers, digital marketing specialists, and big data professionals.

Employers will need to spend six to nine months of an employee’s salary on average to recruit, hire, and train their replacement. This includes the costs of training and onboarding, interviewing, and promoting the new position, as well as poor morale, lower new hire productivity, and reduced service capabilities. When you consider the overall impact of employee turnover, it becomes clear that hiring the appropriate individual from the start will save you time, money, and energy in the long run.

If saving 20% on local remote hiring has piqued your interest, consider how much money you may save if you hire virtual employees. For starters, your cost savings increase to a whopping 70% (or even more, depending on the domain you recruit in), and you now have a solid plan in place to ensure business survival and continuity in unknown events like lockdowns or natural catastrophes.

Three significant benefits of a remote workforce 

  1. On-demand talent: In less than 24 hours, you may hire a dedicated, skilled remote employee.
  2. There are no hidden costs: Expenses that eat into profits, such as office rent, taxes, and hardware, are no longer necessary.
  3. Round-the-clock assistance: With backup assistance, there will be no downtime or being stuck in the middle of a project.

It’s Never Been This Simple to Hire Remote Workers

  1. Step – 1
    Brief Us: What kind of individual are you seeking for, and what skill set(s) are you looking for?
  2. Step – 2
    Hand-picking Resources: We quickly narrow down a list of candidates.
  3. Step – 3
    Select Your Team: You will conduct interviews with the applicants based on your job position.
  4. Step – 4
    Start Working: The successful applicant will begin working on a mutually agreed-upon date.

Why Sky Bizz Limited?

Our virtual recruitment services are backed by our extensive global ‘virtual’ recruitment experience. We’ve worked on a variety of projects for firms ranging from startups and SMEs to multinational corporations, ranging from top management recruiting and headhunting services to diverse project-based recruitment.

  1. Security and Structure: Our structured recruitment processes, which are based on effective process models, will undoubtedly benefit you. For all recruitment or hiring projects we perform for your organisation, we also ensure complete security and confidentiality.
  2. Dedicated Client Service Support: At any point of the employment process, from applicant profile matching to interviewing and evaluations, you can expect prompt replies to your needs and any input you provide.
  3. Value and trust: We assist you in increasing the effectiveness of your business by delivering the best virtual personnel from organisations that are reputable entities with a strong professional service background.

Our recruited virtual employee/s swing into action for seasonal tasks or peak surges, but you are under no need to employ them when work is slow. 

Sky Bizz simplifies finding, hiring, and working with top-notch specialists anywhere, at any time, simple, fast, and cost-effective. We recognise that exceptional IT outsourcing services entail much more than just excellent coding. Whether you engage a single developer or a development team with a dedicated project manager, you can rest confident that you’ll be working with experts that have years of expertise with a wide range of business models, from simple to complex.