Why You Should Consider SEO When Changing Your Domain Name

When it comes to SEO in Ottawa or any of the other digital marketing services offered by growmemarketing.ca, it’s important not to overlook the details. In this case, we are specifically referring to your domain name, but this can apply to your link-building, website design and security efforts, to name but a few other areas of note.

The Importance of Details

So, why are the details so important for SEO in Ottawa? Well, in many ways, SEO is a detail-oriented industry. The smallest things, like a page redirecting to a dead link, can make all the difference. Even properly labelling title tags can make or break a landing page. Nowhere is this more true than your domain name.

The Importance of Your Domain Name

Your domain name is responsible for much more than you might expect. Today, we’ll look at its importance to both your users and the search engine’s crawlerbots, as these are the two chief audiences that will benefit (or suffer) from your domain name choice. Then, we’ll look at what goes into making a good domain name so that you have a clear idea of what changes to make. Let’s get started.

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How Domain Names Affect Users

Do you remember the advertisements that used to play on televisions before the rise of the internet? Many businesses added a jingle or wording to their phone numbers as a way to help their potential customers remember their contact information. Well, not much has changed in the years following the internet’s rise to prominence; only now, we have a few more tools at our disposal and a bit more information on how to make things stick in the mind.

Another way to think about domain names is to consider what works best for you when trying to remember something. How often do you remember every word in an acronym, for instance? How well can you remember a set 30+ character sentence or word? Consider the difficulty of these tasks as you contemplate your new domain name.

How Domain Names Affect Crawlerbots

For SEO in Ottawa and elsewhere, the domain name of your website is the first thing a crawlerbot will see when navigating to your website. This means that it is the first place where you should set the tone and purpose of your page, which is usually done through keywords. You may also want to consider how longer URLs on your site will look, but this gets more into the idea of having a clear and straightforward site menu.

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How to Choose the Right Domain Name

Now that you have a solid understanding of the importance of your domain name, the next thing you need to do is craft a domain name that works for your business. We’ve already discussed a few of the techniques that you should consider, like adding your keyword where possible and ensuring that the name isn’t too long or complex.

Still, there are other things that will help you narrow down your domain name choices. For instance, you can avoid adding location information, as this can be done on your landing pages instead. Plus, if your business grows, you won’t have to worry about changing your name again to suit. You should also aim for brevity as a rule, even more so than just avoiding long names.

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