5 Steps To Perfecting Keyword Research

When it comes to SEO in Ottawa, there are many important things to consider. How is your site built? What services are you targeting? What kind of content are you going to provide, and how often are you going to update it? These questions and many more come standard when climbing the SERP.

Still, perhaps chief among these questions is how to do keyword research? And, more than just how to do it, it is essential to know how to perfect the art of effective research. Today, GrowME Marketing looks at how to perfect your keyword research for SEO in Ottawa. Let’s get started.

  1. Define Your Services Accurately

The first step in perfecting your keyword research is to define your services accurately. The mistake many companies make is choosing search terms that are relevant to their industry but not their users. Let’s look at an example of this to better illustrate the point.

Imagine you are a 5-star chef trying to advertise your new menu. You choose keywords based on the world-class ingredients that you use in your dishes, like black truffle oil, Iranian pistachios, saffron and so on. These are accurate descriptions of your product, of course, but they are unlikely to get people going out to eat to choose your restaurant if they even see it in the search results. By contrast, using terms to describe your dish or the style of your cooking may seem more generalized, but they are much more likely to drive traffic for this same reason. Tacos, pizza, Chinese cuisine; these terms may not accurately describe your food, but that’s what front-of-house staff are for, after all.

  1. Keywords Research Use the Community to Your Advantage

When performing keyword research for your SEO in Ottawa, it is a good idea to use the community to your advantage. Take your keyword and add “forum” to your search and see what comes up. Put it on popular retailer websites and see what products they sell and what the community is saying about them. Not only will this give you insight into how your audience thinks and communicates, but it will also give you lots of ideas for powerful keywords.

  1. Don’t Get Too Attached to Location

Local SEO in Ottawa is not to be dismissed lightly. Using city, province and location names alongside your chosen keywords is an effective way to improve your online presence. Still, location is only one part of the equation, and it can often make your content suffer if overused. Therefore, when trying to perfect your keyword research, it helps to balance the number of keywords that feature a location with those that don’t.

  1. Understand Your Audience’s Intent

In much the same vein as our earlier advice about defining your services accurately, understanding your audience’s intent can help you do better keyword research. This is especially true when you are offering products rather than services, as you want to choose keywords that come up just prior to a purchase. An example of this would be adding “buy” to your keyword phrase since the phrase indicates the user is ready to make a purchase.

  1. Use Competitors to Get Started

Creating identical information is a quick way to penalize your website and your Ottawa SEO efforts, which is not what we suggest. However, seeing what keywords your competitors came up with can help you understand your audience better. The best time to look at competitors is at the start of your research since this is generally the time when you have the least information about which keywords to choose.

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